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Amelia is a P&T Consultant at Great Lakes Advisory

Amelia’s experience in education began as an English Language Arts teacher, in which she taught at the secondary level for 5 years. Amelia earned a degree in secondary education from Louisiana State University and a Masters of Education specializing in curriculum and instruction.

Once in the classroom, Amelia began to develop and align curriculum at the district and state level. Writing curriculum led to her interest in adult learning. She worked to create and facilitate district-wide professional development training for teachers. Amelia believes in data-driven instruction and making content engaging for all audiences.

Amelia’s influence extended beyond her immediate surroundings as she contributed to educational publications, sharing her insights and expertise with a broader audience. Her passion for education transcended boundaries, as she actively engaged in conversations and initiatives aimed at addressing educational inequities and promoting access to quality education for all students.

Amelia’s multifaceted interests and experiences enriched her perspective as an educator, allowing her to approach challenges with creativity and empathy. Whether she was crafting curriculum, mentoring colleagues, or advocating for educational equity, Amelia remained steadfast in her commitment to empowering students and educators alike.

Amelia is a coffee enthusiast and avid traveler. In her free time, Amelia enjoys running, reading, and spending time with friends and family.