What Is Business Process Mapping Services?

Enterprise process mapping is a visual illustration, or framework, of all the inputs, outputs, actions, decisions, and roles that comprise a process. By mapping each step in a business process, owners and employees access a comprehensive overview of everything involved in a process from beginning to end.

They can identify the who, what, where, when, how, and the why behind what does and doesn’t work. The benefits of business process mapping (BPM) help companies understand how predictable processes should function by highlighting essential activities within each step.

BPM is a trusted methodology used to solve business challenges by understanding the flow of activities, people, information, and resources. A clear visual representation can help businesses optimize inefficient workflows. BPM is a trusted methodology used to solve business challenges by understanding the flow of activities, people, information, and resources. A clear visual representation can help businesses optimize inefficient workflows.

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Why You Need a Business Process Mapping Consultant

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Processes are consistent, optimal, and easy to replicate and scale.

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Employees receive standard training and understand the high-level overview of their responsibilities.

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With a properly mapped workflow, it’s easier to identify bottlenecks, redundancies, and other inefficiencies.

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Visual representations allow employees to understand workflows and provide managers with the tools to monitor systems and progress.

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Mapping out business processes ensures alignment with company goals and internal standards.

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Documenting and streamlining processes is vital in maintaining compliance with industry legislation.

How Great Lakes Advisory Can Help Improve Your Business Process

Underpinned by continual improvement and financial success, our business process mapping services helps companies develop efficient systems that increase value. Great Lakes Advisory’s methodology works for any industry or organization. Accurate business process mapping services like ours allow stakeholders to assess cost-effectiveness and business efficiency, so they can make informed decisions that contribute toward productivity. Regardless of the industry, Great Lakes Advisory process mapping services involve the following steps:
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Identify each job role and its unique processes

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Gather workflow information on how processes interrelate
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Develop the process map, providing complete documentation of organizational operations
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Analyze the map to find inefficiencies, redundancies, and repetitions
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Work with the business to improve and refine process steps
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Manage the process and update when and where necessary
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Start Your Enterprise Process Mapping with Great Lakes Advisory!

Let us help you develop a roadmap and action plan to optimize your workflows for business success!

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We Know Your Industry

Great Lake Advisory works with a wide range of businesses in manufacturing and production, construction, and logistics & supply chain, home services, and service-based industries, including yours, to help improve process mapping.

  • Inc. 5000 Companies
  • Construction
  • Trainual, Playbook Builder, Whale, Lessonly, & Ninety.io Customers
  • Consumer Services
  • Entrepreneurs, Founders, & Business Owners
  • Production & Manufacturing
  • EOS Businesses
  • Technology
  • Logistics & Supply Chain
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Home Services & Trades

Why Entrust Process Mapping to Great Lakes Advisory?

As a leading process mapping consultants, we increase small and medium-sized businesses’ competencies and improve organizational health.

Our experts develop clear BPMs offering a more dynamic and agile approach that establishes processes in the context of the entire organization, which supports seamless process lifecycles and continuous improvements.


All processes can be measured and compared to benchmarked results.


We embed processes within the training of your learning management system for easy access, standardized training, and reporting.


BPM eliminates repetitive tasks, optimizing employees’ workflow.


Through careful design, business processes are continually improved to adapt to changing work environments.


Sharing visibility and educating employees of high-risk areas and controls promotes proactive decision-making.


Identical problems are resolved in the same way, regardless of staff or management changes.


A BPM integrates compliance into the process life cycle, making organization processes transparent and visible, improving accountability.

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Business Process Mapping Services
Industry Best Practices and Guidelines: American Society for Quality (ASQ) or the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), providing a benchmark for process mapping standards.

Ready to Discuss a Business Process Mapping Plan for Your Company?

Our process mapping consultants will save you money, make your operations more efficient, and help you deliver world-class customer service!